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University Curriculum Supplement Programs

College and university real estate faculty are faced with a monumental task in educating undergraduate and graduate students in the principles and practices of real estate, finance, and Excel-based financial modeling hard skills.

Since 2009, REFM’s University Curriculum Supplement Programs have assisted by teaching students financial modeling through on-campus training, self-study instruction and Certification testing, which enrich faculty instruction and promote student development.

Participants include


  • Improved Excel-based problem-solving and analysis skills, and fewer mistakes
  • Stronger performance on projects, assignments, and in interviews
  • Increased confidence in advanced sensitivity analysis abilities
  • Improved financial modeling knowledge, understanding and customization capabilities
  • Sharpened presentation of analyses
  • Heightened credibility with and marketability to potential employers and advanced degree-granting programs.


Why university departments and student clubs choose REFM

  • Our time-tested, high-impact teaching and learning format prepares you best for technical interviews
  • Ability to apply course learning and cost towards achieving REFM Certification In Excel For Real Estate
  • Unlocked, investment quality re-usable Excel templates


Popular courses include

  • REFM’s Level 1 through 3 Bootcamps (Excel For Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, and JV Waterfall Modeling)
  • Individual asset transaction modeling (e.g., Apartment Building Acquisition, Mixed-Use Condominium Development)
  • Private Equity Fund Modeling

College and university offerings

The use of the REFM’s self-study courses has been instrumental in getting new students up and running. This course series accelerates their understanding of CRE finance and their preparation for the real world after graduation.
Alex Morcate, Adjunct ProfessorUniversity of Miami School of Architecture
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