Wow, this says it all — as of June 2014, there were only 49 US-focused real estate crowdfunding sites listed by Times Realty News, and currently there are 116. Many more are coming, too. Soon you’ll see top sites using our interactive financial projections presentation module.

Here’s the updated roster:

  1. 1031 Crowdfunding
  2. Acquire Real Estate
  3. aCROWD
  4. American Colonial Capital Fund
  5. American Homeowner Preservation
  6. AssetAvenue
  7. – soon to launch
  8. BecoVillage
  9. Blackhawk Investments
  10. Blockshares – beta
  11. Cadre
  12. CapitalReady
  13. Carlton Accredited Crowdfunding
  14. Creative Equity Group
  15. CRELender / CREEquity
  16. CrowdedHouseRealEstate – Massachusetts
  17. Crowdflipr
  18. CrowdFundsRealEstate
  19. Crowdland – Soon to Launch
  20. CrowdRealty Co.
  21. CrowdStreet –
  22. CrowdTranche –
  23. CrowdTrustDeed
  24. Crowdvested – Georgia
  25. CRWD
  26. Deitscho – New York
  27. DiversyFund
  28. Elevate Crowdfunding - launching Spring 2015
  29. EquityHunt
  30. EquityNet  (real estate focused)
  31. Feather the Nest
  32. Flipping4Profit
  33. Forefund
  34. FullCapitalStack
  35. FundARealty
  36. Fundrageous
  37. Fundrise
  38. Fund That Flip
  39. Global Group Fund
  40. Globerex
  41. Ground Lease Capital Partners
  42. GroundBreaker
  43. GroundFloor Finance
  44. High Income Real Estate
  45. HomeUnion
  46. Hotel Innvestor *
  47. iCapRate – soon to launch
  48. iCrowdHotels
  49. iFunding
  50. Inner10Capital
  51. InvestPeer Real Estate Holdings
  52. KB Holdings
  53. KCiFund – Florida (BETA)
  54. LendZoan
  55. LocalStake
  56. Loquidity – Central and Midwestern US
  57. MacroCrowd
  58. MainStreet
  59. Manzyll – soon to launch
  60. MassVenture
  61. Money360
  62. MultiFamilyInvestment
  63. NexRegen
  64. Nowfunder
  65. NXGen Capital
  66. Open Source Capital LLC
  67. OurStreet – soon to launch
  68. Own It Detroit
  69. ParkStreet Partners
  70. PassiveFlow
  71. Patch of Land
  73. PeerRealty
  74. PeerStreet
  75. PelotonStreet
  76. Phoenix Group
  77. Primarq
  78. Prodigy Network
  79. ProHatch
  80. Propellr
  81. PropertyPeers
  82. Property Pool  (Beta)
  83. PropFunds L.P.
  84. RazrVentures
  85. RCSCapital
  86. RE Capital Partners LLC
  87. Real Liquidity
  88. RealCircle
  89. RealConnex  (Beta)
  90. RealCrowd
  91. Realquidity
  92. RealRite
  93. Realty Mogul
  94. RealtyShares
  95. RealtyWealth
  96. Reamerge
  97. Rehab Loan Group
  98. Rich – Uncles
  99. SBREfunds
  100. Selequity
  101. Sequorum
  102. Sharestates
  103. SmallChange – soon to launch
  104. SmallStreetUSA
  105. Sprovy
  107. TerraFunda
  108. The NNN Crowd
  109. TieBack Realty Finance  (BETA)
  110. TripleNetZeroDebt
  112. Vestor
  113. WealthMigrate
  114. WeAreCrowdfunding
  115. WorthingtonWealth
  116. YieldCrowd

Source: Times Realty News


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Company:  Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance Capital Markets

Role:  Commercial Real Estate Analyst/Sales Assistant

Location: West Los Angeles

Contact:  Adam J Petriella Executive Vice President, Capital Markets | 212-257-4662

*If you meet the qualifications outlined below, please send a PDF copy of your resume, together with a one paragraph cover letter, and follow up with a phone call. 

Position Description

CBC Alliance Capital Markets Group is seeking an individual to provide support for a top producing commercial loan origination team on the Westside of Los Angeles.  The team originates loans nationally for multifamily, single-tenant net leased, retail (anchored & unanchored), office and industrial buildings.  Aside from our direct relationship with sister bank company, ReadyCap Commercial, the team has strong brokerage relationships with the most active commercial banks, agency lenders, CMBS lenders, life-insurance companies, and other specialty lenders. 

The analyst/sales assistant position will offer a new hire the opportunity to learn how to value commercial property, underwrite deals to include new leverage/debt, become a team point of contact with our national and local lenders, and assist in increasing team productivity.  The position will also provide a tremendous real-time opportunity to learn in a fun and fast paced environment.  The new hire will quickly be involved in the process of placing large loans under contract and getting them funded/closed.   Our ideal candidate is someone who is proactive, thinks outside the box, and can make decisions with confidence.  Our new hire will be required to exude professionalism when dealing with major real estate principals and high net worth individuals.

Analyst/Sales Assistant Responsibilities

  • Work closely with loan originators to manage our sales pipeline and help process loans currently under application
  • Analyze new proposed debt requirements and loan scenarios for our clients
  • Draft new debt quotes and marketing material for current and potential clients
  • Collaborate with Senior Director to establish an ongoing marketing campaign
  • Work with interns and/or juniors to coordinate tasks or delegate projects
  • Meet with clients on occasion and if needed
  • Attend real estate and charitable events on behalf of our company 

Analyst/Sales Assistant Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) from a four-year college or university
  • A minimum of 2 years commercial real estate experience preferred
  • Real Estate Salesperson license or willingness to obtain license once hired
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • Ability to think critically, solve problems, and work under pressure
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills, PowerPoint, and Adobe InDesign (not required, but a plus) 


  • Competitive base salary (determined based on experience)
  • Annual or semi-annual bonuses based on gross revenue benchmarks
  • Health insurance, training/learning sessions and company sponsored events 

Brief Company Description ( 

Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance (CBCA) is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage firm committed to serving small to midsize businesses and private investors.  Our CBCA franchise was launched in the summer of 2012 by Waterfall Asset Management, a New York hedge fund.  CBCA currently has offices in several major markets including New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, Miami, and Dallas/Fort Worth.  Waterfall Asset Management, recently purchase a specialty finance bank, ReadyCap Commercial, based in Orange County, under its Sutherland REIT.  Ready Cap Commercial has the ability to finance SBA Loans Direct, Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan Direct, and Preferred Equity and Mezzanine Direct.  This unique platform provides our Capital Markets loan originators direct access to our sister company and a competitive advantage when originating loans.

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Excel for Real Estate

Elliott Farmer – 4/1/2015
Andrew L. Gatewood – 4/5/2015
Chad Bonham, With Distinction – 4/8/2015
Charles Penman Fyfe, With Distinction – 4/8/2015
William T. Shiney – 4/10/2015
Fnu Diyan – 4/11/2015
Christopher Thomas – 4/11/2015
Sean Hooton – 4/12/2015
Robin Ahmadi – 4/14/2015
Damian Albrycht, With Distinction – 4/15/2015
Robin Ahmadi – 4/15/2015
Tan Hoang Ho, With Distinction – 4/17/2015
Henry D’Esposito – 4/20/2015
Jeffrey Flynn, With Distinction – 4/24/2015
Jeremy Kubiak, With Distinction – 4/24/2015
Christopher Fletcher, With Distinction – 4/25/2015
Juan F Tellez – 4/28/2015
Kyle McDevitt, With Distinction – 4/28/2015
Nicholas A. Maupin – 4/28/2015
Elizabeth Beliakova, With Distinction – 4/29/2015
Eric Fink, With Distinction – 4/29/2015
Sam Koeppel – 4/30/2015


Real Estate Finance

Kyle Barnas, With Distinction – 4/3/2015
Elliott Farmer, With Distinction – 4/6/2015
Henry Ibocrepri, With Distinction – 4/6/2015
Chad Bonham, With Distinction – 4/13/2015
Kevin Liu, With Distinction – 4/18/2015
Jeremy Kubiak, With Distinction – 4/25/2015
William T. Shiney, With Distinction – 4/29/2015
Eric Fink, With Distinction – 4/30/2015


Joint Venture Waterfall Modeling

Matthew John Kennedy, With Distinction – 4/1/2015
Gregory Zartarian, With Distinction – 4/3/2015
Kyle Barnas, With Distinction – 4/8/2015
Elliott Farmer, With Distinction – 4/12/2015
Jeremy Kubiak, With Distinction – 4/28/2015
Benjamin deLeon – 4/29/2015
Chad Bonham, With Distinction – 4/29/2015


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