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I had the pleasure of hearing Pat Williams (co-founder of the Orlando Magic) speak this week on the topic of “Extreme Winners”. Some notes are below.

You can find Pat’s books for sale here

12 characteristics/foundational blocks that extreme winners possess:

1. Extreme dream
2. Extreme preparation
3. Extreme focus
4. Extreme passion – zing, zest and zeal – and it’s OK to have fun
5. Extreme work ethic
6. Extreme responsibility
7. Extreme positive attitude
8. Extreme goals, written down, reviewed often and revised as needed. Short-, mid- and long-range. The older you are the longer-range your goals should be.
9. Extreme perseverance
10. They love and thrive on extreme competition
11. They have extreme desire
12. They practice extreme teamwork

“Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden’s father to John Wooden


Deal of the Week – 1004-1008 Second Ave, NYC

by Bruce Kirsch on February 18, 2015

Asking price is $21MM (less than a 4 cap); cash on cash return starts to look reasonable at $16MM. Click here or on the image below to manipulate the analysis.

Exclusive listing is with Massey Knakal/Cushman.

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