Private Coaching

REFM Private Coaching enables you to accurately and elegantly solve financial modeling problems with Excel.

Have a big job interview coming up with a modeling test component?

Want to master Excel skills faster regardless?

Set yourself up for success by learning in a one-on-one format in-person or online. We will teach you basic and advanced principles, step you through Excel models line-by-line, and oversee your performing of skills exercises.

Get the same high-impact live training we give our corporate clients



How one-on-one private coaching works

The ideal first step is to tell us about your background and your goals with the coaching program. Once we know this, we can recommend relevant content modules and a pre-set package (shown below), or we can customize content and a package to suit your needs.

Sessions are available on weekdays during business hours Eastern time up through 7:30 PM EST, with exceptions made as needed.

The venue can be either in Atlanta for a concentrated block of hours, or online through screensharing sessions lasting one hour each. Online sessions can be on consecutive weekdays or spread out however you wish. Depending on our schedule, we could get started as soon as tomorrow.

Training content authorship


Training content is created by REFM founder Bruce Kirsch. Mr. Kirsch is the co-author of the Fifth Edition of the top graduate-level real estate finance textbook, Real Estate Finance and Investments: Risks and Opportunities, along with Dr. Peter Linneman, the founding chairman of The Wharton School’s Real Estate Department.

Mr. Kirsch was previously an Adjunct Faculty member in Real Estate at Georgetown University, and he holds an MBA in Real Estate from The Wharton School and a BA in Communication from Stanford University.  Prior to founding REFM, Mr. Kirsch worked in analytical roles for two top real estate platforms and a global mutual fund manager.

Ready to give us the information we need to suggest a package?

Packages available




Package includes:

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Package includes:

What clients say

The coaching was extremely valuable. Wish I had done it years ago!- Investment banker
Well worth the time and money! I’m much better off now.- Neal Robin
In the interview test they had me do exactly what we went through. Thanks for your help.- S.S.
Thanks for your help over the past year -- you guys are great!- W.D.
The models we reviewed took complex transactions and presented them in a digestible manner. Worth the time and money as I now feel very comfortable in Microsoft Excel when analyzing real estate deals.- S.J.

Benefits include

  • Undivided attention of instructor
  • Improved Excel-based problem-solving and analysis skills, quicker work turnaround and fewer mistakes
  • Stronger performance on projects
  • Increased confidence in advanced sensitivity analysis abilities
  • Improved financial modeling knowledge, understanding and customization capabilities
  • Sharpened presentation of transaction financials
  • Heightened credibility with potential partners, lenders, investors and internal stakeholders

Popular one-on-one coaching topics include

  • REFM’s Level 1 through 3 Bootcamps (Excel For Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, and JV Waterfall Modeling)
  • Individual asset transaction modeling (e.g., Apartment Building Acquisition, Mixed-Use Condominium Development)
  • Private Equity Fund modeling


Bruce Kirsch

Atlanta and online

Bulkeley Banks

Atlanta and online

Our off-the-shelf content library

Our catalog of current training offerings is embedded in the page below. Custom-tailored programs and testing are available upon request. Email with inquiries.

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