Corporate in-house training

REFM corporate training sets up your employees for success by teaching them real estate fundamentals and how to be more productive in Excel.

Corporate training clients include

A high-impact, A+ training session for our analysts; well worth it!
Matthew CasperManaging Director, Park Hill Group
Training our analyst class with REFM is best practice at JBG Smith.
Moina BanerjeePrincipal, JBG Smith

Why firms choose REFM

  • Our time-tested training content is second to none in terms of refinement, depth and breadth
  • Our efficient teaching and learning format makes the most of contact hours
  • Our signature interactive, high-engagement training style
  • Our skills assessment and Certification testing programs that prove employee learning
  • We do not invest directly in real estate, so we pose no conflicts to client businesses

How corporate in-house training works

To make sure we understand your needs and expectations, we will schedule an exploratory phone conversation. Once we know your requirements, we will provide a formal proposal. On-site training can be as short as one-half day, and as long as two full days or more.


  • Access to the Corporate Course Pack version of the Linneman/Kirsch textbook
  • Higher return on investment than sending multiple individuals to public trainings
  • Improved Excel-based problem-solving and analysis skills, quicker work turnaround and fewer mistakes
  • Increased confidence in advanced sensitivity analysis abilities
  • Improved financial modeling knowledge, understanding and customization capabilities
  • Heightened credibility with potential partners, lenders, investors and internal stakeholders


Popular training delivery formats include

  • Self study by employees and online Certification testing in advance of on-site training
  • Full-day on-site training over 2-3 consecutive days
  • Multiple real-time 1-hour webinars


Popular courses include

  • REFM’s Level 1 through 3 Bootcamps
    • Excel For Real Estate
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Single Transaction Equity Joint Venture Partnership Waterfall Modeling
  • Individual asset transaction modeling
    • Apartment Building Acquisition and Unit Renovation
    • Retail Property Operating Projection and Acquisition Screening Analysis
    • Mixed-Use Condominium Building Development
  • Private Equity Fund Modeling

Our off-the-shelf content library

Our catalog of current training offerings is embedded in the page below. Custom-tailored programs and testing are available upon request. Email with inquiries.

Ready to talk about your needs?

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