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Level 3 Bootcamp – Single Transaction Equity Joint Venture Partnership and Waterfall Modeling Bootcamp


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  • Teaches the most difficult, valuable and desired set of financial modeling skills in plain English
  • Teaches you how to model out equity cash flow splits among up to three equity players
  • You can integrate the included annual and monthly waterfall models with your existing spreadsheets

An interactive Video Tutorial that teaches you advanced techniques and topics related to joint venture partnerships and investment waterfall modeling for single property transactions (not multi-transaction private equity funds).  You will follow along in Excel in real time and perform exercises to ensure you are grasping the lesson and are mastering the technical skills being taught.

This product is the REFM Excel for Real Estate Level 3 Certification Preparatory Material.

Product includes the following items, which never expire:

 Online access to an easily navigated 200-minute Video Tutorial, playable on any device including PC, Mac, phones and tablets


 PDF of the 60-slide presentation

 Accompanying fully-unlocked, annotated Excel file, compatible with both PC and Mac, with the following tabs:

  1. Preferred Return Non-Compounded Annual
  2. Preferred Return Non-Compounded Annual Solution
  3. Preferred Return Compounded Monthly
  4. Preferred Return Compounded Monthly Solution
  5. 3-Tier Annual Waterfall with Look-Back
  6. Double-Promote Profit Sharing
  7. Double-Promote Monthly Waterfall # 1 with Look-Back
  8. Exercise – Rebuild Tier #3
  9. Double-Promote Monthly Waterfall #2 with Look-Back
  10. Double Promote Returns Summary Exhibit
  11. Alternate Compounding Periods
  12. Sample Partnership Structure 1
  13. Sample Partnership Structure 2
  14. Sample Partnership Structure 3
  15. Claw-Back.

Topics Covered and Exercises/Solutions Included:

  • Rationale behind targeting disproportionate returns to the Sponsor
  • How to achieve disproportionate returns through fees and partitioning of cash flows
  • Preferred Return overview
  • Preferred Return variations with respect to priority of payment
  • Preferred Return in context (Payment Types A, B and C)
  • Nature of Preferred Return (Non-compounded/compounded, non-cumulative/cumulative)
  • Annual Preferred Return Exercise
  • Monthly Preferred Return Exercise
  • Waterfall Distribution overview, with Animation
  • Promote Mechanism overview and modeling
  • Look-Back Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Method
  • 3-Tier Waterfall modeling
  • Double-Promote, 5-Tier Waterfall modeling
  • Double-Promote Exercise
  • Alternate Compounding Periods: Monthly, Daily, Quarterly
  • Sample Partnership Structures
  • Claw-Back overview and modeling
  • Claw-Back Exercise.

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I learned a lot and everything finally clicked.  Thanks for the great content!  I used what I learned to build a multi-tiered model for my company and everyone was impressed.
J. Quinn
I would recommend this course to anyone in the Real Estate Finance world. Thank you again for the great learning tools I can continue to reference!
C. SchenkDelmonte Hotel Group
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