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Apartment/Multi-Family Building Acquisition and Renovation Financial Modeling Self-Study Video Tutorial with Excel File


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An interactive Video Tutorial that teaches you how to model the acquisition and individual unit renovation (with continued operation) of a multi-family rental building with ground-floor retail and income-producing parking. The principles and skills taught apply equally to duplexes and 1,000-unit complexes.

You will come to understand the risks and income generation/cost savings opportunities inherent in performing a value-add renovation program while continuing to operate the building.  Includes fully-assembled, fully-unlocked Excel file and hands-on Tutorial exercises and accompanying solutions.

Topics covered include:

  • Integration of historical property data and existing rent roll into your pro-forma
  • Modeling of future lease expirations and renewals and the individual unit renovation program
  • Modeling of operating expense savings gained from the renovation/greening of apartment units
  • Modeling of acquisition loan financing, residual equity requirement, and permanent take-out loan/refinancing
  • Constructing amortization tables and using the VLOOKUP function efficiently
  • Property Disposition modeling
  • Running of sensitivity analyses around key variables in 2-way Data Tables.

Also applies to the acquisition of distressed or foreclosed properties.

Product includes the following items, which never expire:

 Online access to an easily navigated 75-minute Video Tutorial, playable on any device including PC, Mac, phones and tablets


 Accompanying fully-unlocked, annotated Excel file, compatible with both PC and Mac, which you can repurpose for future analyses

The Excel file includes the following tabs:

  • Rent Growth Variables
  • Assumptions Overview block diagram
  • Rent Roll
  • Assumptions
  • Renovation Timing
  • Cash Flow Overview block diagram
  • Monthly Cash Flow Exercise
  • Amortized Renovated Unit Losses
  • Monthly Cash Flow Solution
  • Annual Cash Flow
  • Amortization Schedule for Acquisition Loan
  • Amortization Schedule for Permanent Loan

PDFs of slide presentation and Offering Memorandum for a Miami Beach, FL apartment complex

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