Holders of REFAI Certification

Holders Of Real Estate Finance and Investments (REFAI) Certification

The individuals listed below have prepared for and passed the REFAI Certification course.  Passing requires a score of 70% or better, and passing With Distinction requires a score of 85% or better.

Bruce Kirsch, Program Administrator

Note to Employers:  This list is updated as Certifications are completed.

Note to Certification Holders:  REFAI Certification can be listed on your resume and LinkedIn profile etc. in the following way — REFAI Certification (With Distinction, if applicable).

You can also put “, REFAI” after your last name in your LinkedIn profile.

You can follow follow these instructions to put the Certification on your LinkedIn profile.  Select either “Linneman Associates” or “Real Estate Financial Modeling” as the Issuing Organization.

Holders Of Real Estate Finance and Investments (REFAI) Certification

Listed chronologically

      • Bruce Kirsch, With Distinction – 6/15/19
      • Bulkeley Banks, With Distinction – 6/17/19
      • Christopher Bartlett – 7/22/19
      • Madison Whalen, With Distinction – 12/26/19

Broaden Your Knowledge With REFAI Certification

“A complete program with both the technical side of the real estate science and the reasoning side. Moreover, the customer service and the quality of digital content are outstanding. I’m thrilled with it.”
– REFAI Candidate

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