Truly Understanding Commercial Real Estate Cap Rates (Capitalization Rates) Video Tutorial

by Bruce Kirsch on June 7, 2012

“Great explanation of the components of cap rates. I enjoyed the webinar. Very informative.”

Everybody in commercial real estate talks about cap rates, some more knowledgeably than others. One thing is certain: understanding them fully is critical!

In this free 55-minute session, we answer the following questions in plain English:

  • What is a real estate cap rate (capitalization rate)?
  • What composes a cap rate?
  • Why do cap rates change?
  • How do you calculate a cap rate?
  • How do you select one when performing a property valuation?
  • How do you estimate a future cap rate?
  • What should you think when people quote cap rates verbally?
  • Where can I find cap rates for a certain property in a certain geography?

Video Replay (55 min) (Accompanying Excel file)


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