by Bruce Kirsch on May 27, 2011

Real Estate Financial Modeling continues to thrive and improve thanks to the input of its clients. Here are what others are saying about our products and services:

About REFM

James Lenhart, Vice President – Citi Property Investors – New York, NY
“Bruce is a talented real estate professional and experienced real estate financial modeler who knows how to break down difficult financial modeling concepts into easy to understand pieces. The financial models that accompany his tutorials are technically robust and represent real assets for anyone who wants to break into the institutional commercial real estate industry.”

Victor Svilik, Managing Principal – QVT Mount Auburn Capital LP – Los Angeles, CA
“REFM Training is the best way to get your Analysts and Associates up to speed so they can produce bullet-proof work. The content and delivery is top-notch — it’s the teaching that I wish I had when I first started out in the business.”

Charles Schilke, Associate Dean – Real Estate Program, Georgetown U. School of Continuing Studies
“REFM’s resources are an innovative and effective way to complement learning from formal real estate coursework”

2-Day Basic and Advanced Modeling Toolkit

CY – Cushman & Wakefield
“REFM packs an amazing amount of information into the seminar. Very instructive for novices and experts alike.”

Kris Garin – Georgetown MBA 2011
“Our workshop was two days of first-rate instruction with a powerful mix of excel best practices, useable and well-organized models, and real-world industry insights. A substantial contribution to my professional development and well worth the investment!”

David Todd – The Rebkee Company
“I was immediately able to incorporate techniques and methods taught by REFM to improve my financial models. The training session was very well organized and the Excel templates we received are invaluable.”

2-Day Intensive Partnership Modeling Training

Dinos Christoforakis – Concord Eastridge, Inc.
“An excellent way to enhance your Excel skills and especially useful for recent graduates & MBAs who wish to boost their careers in Real Estate financial modeling.”

Graduate Student – American University, Washington DC
“The REFM two day intensive course in Financial Modeling for Real Estate was a most productive course for gaining hands on modelling experience and integrating the conventions and underlying real estate theory into working practical efficient analysis and reporting formats for decision making. The instructors were totally intellectually honest, extremely helpful and shared their experiences and knowledge freely. As a capstone to that the networking experience with other real estate developers, professionals and academics affords the opportunity to build rewarding peer relations and build on each other’s experiences and techniques. An excellent learning and business experience!”

Mark Thompson – President, Real InSITE
“REFM’s 2-day Intensive session was just that – intense! Great mix of excel applications with real estate analysis! Come ready to work.”

2-Day Intensive Attendee – July 2010 session in Washington, DC
“This class provides the insight into real estate modeling that no textbook or classroom could do.”

Stan W. Converse, III – Managing Director – Gratus Properties
“…excellent anecdotal information born from education and experience that broadens the student’s knowledge base. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of modeling in Excel and its use in the field of real estate.”

Steven – Private Equity Analyst
“If you are looking to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition in the real estate industry, this class is a small investment towards that goal. In all my classes and experience, nothing has come close to the depth of explanation and expertise that was offered and displayed in this two day class.”

Barry K. Metcalf – VP – Cadence Capital Partners, LP
“The material covered in the training session covered every aspect of my business. It was well worth the cost!”

Rob Quarton – Real Estate Executive
“After completing the REFM class, I developed a clear and recognized competitive advantage relative to my peers and competition. It allowed me to effectively and accurately model joint venture real estate partnerships in Excel. It also benefited me by allowing me to successfully complete a modeling test for a job opportunity with a top-tier, national equity intermediary. I cannot thank you enough for designing and implementing a program like this. The market was truly lacking something like this.”

Certification in Excel for Real Estate

W. Brett Flanders – Real Estate Executive
“Employers know that the REFM Certification isn’t a cakewalk, so having it on my resume allows me to show them my seriousness about real estate analysis.”

Customizable Excel Models

JB, Development Assistant – Washington, DC
“REFM’s model is thorough and detailed to a “T”. They don’t miss a beat and saved me many stressful long nights number crunching.”

Ravi Bhatia, PE, PMP – Project Executive – Madison Equities, LLC – New York, NY
“I have found REFM’s Product Modules to be most useful in forecasting costs on large real estate development projects. The Modules have been particularly useful in conducting scenario analysis by varying assumptions related to construction borrowing rate, equity IRR, construction cost escalations and contingencies. We use REFM to validate our project plan and integrate the construction schedule into the overall project budget and pro forma. REFM has also facilitated our risk management by giving us the data we need to evaluate the project risks on a portfolio basis.”

Frank Caico, Principal – Clarian Real Estate Partners – Stamford, CT
“REFM’s customizable and transparent proforma is an excellent tool to help evaluate the economics of a prospective deal. The model also offers a way to present a straight-forward and professional package to potential partners, investors and lenders.”

Matt Pace – Consultant – Boston, MA
“REFM has clearly taken what most finance executives dread creating from scratch and produced a tool that is robust, easy to communicate and update.”

Development Financial Modeling Training

Georgetown MBA Student – Georgetown University MBA Class of 2010
“REFM’s class was extremely thorough and provided me with resources and skills essential to real estate modeling. I felt extremely well prepared for my internship at a Denver-based real estate developer and have no doubt that I will use the skills I learned to give me a jump start with my real estate career.”

Wharton MBA Student – The Wharton School MBA Class of 2010
“REFM’s development modeling class was very beneficial to my understanding on not only how to successfully build a development pro-forma, but also to gain a much better understanding of the time line, costs and constituents of a development project. REFM’s teaching methods and pace proved effective and engaging in my understanding of the material. Not only would I take this class again, but would highly recommend the course to prospective students.”

Bryan Granum, Masters Student – NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate
“REFM’s Excel Spreadsheets are an amazing tool for Real Estate Development Professionals in evaluating the feasibility of their development projects. The Videos and class time spent going over the Excel Spreadsheets allows the user to follow and understand the model in a simplified approach. I would highly recommend REFM for anyone in the Real Estate Development Industry.”

James Mack, President of REISA – NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate’s Student Association
“REFM brings particular value to their course because they provide material to practice outside of class before you meet. This allows the student to reinforce the concepts and technical skill set needed to get the most out of his in-class or web-based instruction. They get into great detail very quickly and provide a comprehensive model to work through after the class. It’s clear they understand the subject at a deep level and also have the ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner. Excellent value!”

John Hicks, Asst. Professor – Southern Polytechnic State University – Marietta, GA
“I attended REFM’s recent Atlanta training session in hopes that I would find ways that REFM’s excellent material could be adapted for my use in the classroom to further enrich the learning experience that I am trying to provide my students at SPSU. I found the “in person” training session to be of the same quality as the material REFM had already provided me with online. From video 1 through 6 REFM has created a way to teach any student the principles of real estate investment analysis starting from the basics to some of the more advanced methods in a well thought out step by step manner.”

Excel for Real Estate Bootcamp

Kamel M., Principal – Apex Appraisal Services
“This session has really strengthened my basic Excel skills and improved my confidence. Definitely worth more than the $3,000 I paid in grad school for the same material.”

Real Estate Finance Bootcamp

Erica Gordy – Georgetown University’s MPS in Real Estate program – Wash., DC
“The RE Finance Bootcamp REFM held was a great opportunity to develop my Finance background. As I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, this exposure was most necessary before a rigorous semester at Georgetown University.”

RE Finance Bootcamp Attendee – March 2010
“Bruce Kirsch is an effective teacher of what can be difficult concepts to grasp. His expertise in excel and the real estate industry makes the learning experience two-fold by understanding excel formulas and functions and applying them directly to the real estate industry.”

Training General

Martin D., Real Estate Entrepreneur – Washington, DC
“REFM’s program isn’t just for those learning real estate modeling for the first time. Even with a real estate master’s degree from the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins, I sometimes need to go back and understand how the model I am using was actually built. REFM’s step by step guide is effective because you can understand from cradle to grave how the model is built and understand intuitively why the model is returning a specific IRR or other return statistic.”

Luke Davis, Analyst – NOVO Development Corp. – Washington, DC
“Real Estate Financial Modeling helped me bridge the gap left by my undergraduate finance degree into the world of Real Estate cash flow forecasting and valuation. Even those with just a basic understanding of modeling can greatly benefit from REFM’s unique step by step approach to creating and explaining models with a multitude of intertwined variables. REFM lays the groundwork to allow its users to build on the fundamentals learned to create and tailor complex models for their own needs.”

UPenn MCP Student – UPenn School of Design Masters in City Planning Class ’10
“REFM’s presentation on Real Estate Financial Modeling was truly comprehensive and thorough. REFM does a wonderful job filling in gaps left out in other real estate finance classes that sufficiently cover theory, without teaching their real world application, or application courses, such as courses on Excel which inadequately address real estate finance. Bruce is patient, calm, and humorous, creating a welcome environment for an otherwise stiff subject matter, helping individuals tackle the onerous task of setting up and effectively utilizing real estate financial models.”

Wayne Slavitt, President and CEO – The PrimeMark Group, Inc. – Los Alamitos, CA
“REFM provided PrimeMark with valuable insight and a competitive advantage in evaluating a distressed multifamily land acquisition. I highly recommend REFM’s services and products to anyone who is serious about commercial real estate investment.”

University Class Case Studies

Ryan C. Millsap, USC – Adjunct Professor – University of Southern California
“REFM’s innovative Case Studies offer a perfect technical complement to my Real Estate Finance curriculum. I am always looking for effective ways to give my students a competitive edge, and the REFM product will do just that.”

Video Tutorials

USC Undergraduate Student – USC School of Policy Planning/Development Class of 2010
“REFM’s easy to follow financial modeling system is a breath of fresh air for college students like me that are used to complex lectures and obscure financial concepts without any real world application. I recommend this system for any student looking to improve his or her financial modeling ability and looking to grasp a strong understanding of the underlying principles behind complex calculations.”

Benjamin Dunford, Real Estate Executive – Dallas, TX
“REFM has created a truly unique and valuable product that will improve the learning and understanding of any real estate financial analyst. Their thorough examples and clear narrative make learning sophisticated real estate financial modeling simple and accessible.”

Join the 1,000′s of satisfied clients and check out some of REFM’s offerings today!

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