REFM Selects One Laptop Per Child As Its Annual Charitable Contribution Recipient

by Bruce Kirsch on April 15, 2012

One of these young ladies could cure a major disease, but only if you educate her.

The biggest wasted resource in the world is untapped brainpower. Somewhere in the world there is a child that will cure Cancer, and one that will cure Parkinsons, and one that will cure Depression. But the likelihood is that this child is not getting anywhere close to a sufficient education to allow them to realize their potential.

When I heard about One Laptop Per Child upon its launch years ago, I thought it was quite possibly the coolest thing ever. I grew up with a maroon Encylopedia Brittanica set, and a great local public library with tons of books and article databases on CD-ROM. I was lucky. Today kids grow up with access to the Internet from their bedrooms. They are REALLY lucky. But not the poorest kids. One Laptop Per Child’s mission is to empower these children.

You can learn more below.

Make a donation here if you wish. REFM will be making one this year on behalf of the company.

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