Outside Training And Testing As Part Of Company DNA

by Bruce Kirsch on June 9, 2012

As a manager, one of the challenges that I face is making sure that my financial modeling team has all of the tools and knowledge that they need to work quickly and accurately, and in so doing, add value.  Since REFM is in the business of both training on financial modeling and producing template-based and custom models for clients, I am in a fortunate position in that anytime a colleague needs to learn a new skill or about a new property type, I simply direct them to our Self-Study content library or have them join one of our webinars, and then check in on them to see if they have any questions.

While real estate operating companies have tremendous institutional technical knowledge that lives inside of their ranks, communicating that knowledge in an organized and effective manner is easier said than done, and it is often an afterthought. Creating mediocre educational content and teaching it in an average manner is easy. Creating excellent content and teaching it in the best possible way is very hard, and it is an iterative process of refinement.

What the best companies and organizations do.  The top-performing real estate companies and organizations recognize these realities and their own limitations, and they look outside to find the best training provider to empower their employees. They are also embracing testing of their employees after training, such that they can be sure that their staff are truly acquiring an ownership of the material and will be able to put their new knowledge and skills to use effectively.

REFM is excited to provide in-house training and testing at major real estate organizations this summer. Let us know if you would like to discuss setting up a summer training and testing program for your summer intern class, new analysts, or your company at large.

  • http://www.popularinsights.com/ David Dennard

    It’s also very important to use job-fit testing at the front door before making a decision on who to hire for your sales team. How well a person fits your company’s particular sales job(s) can be measured and tested for BEFORE sales people are hired, making training much more effective and increasing overall performance. All Sales Managers should have this information on every individual in their entire team in order to manage them to greatness.

    For more information, please contact David Dennard at david@popularinsights.com for a free demo of the Profiles Sales Assessment.

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