How A Financial Model Audit Can Benefit You

by Bruce Kirsch on August 8, 2012

Got a nagging feeling that something isn’t calculating correctly in your model? Or just think that a fresh, impartial set of eyes on the model would help to identify a weakness in the model that could be improved, or an inadvertent omission?

REFM Consulting performs Financial Model Audits, which can save you and your team from bad surprises down the road.

Here is what an Audit includes:

  1. Vetting of all formulas and calculations, and cataloging of anything that is wrong, with modifications noted
  2. Conversion of all line item formulas into narrative format for future reference (e.g., For Disposition Net Sales Proceeds:  “If this is the month of disposition, then take the Adjusted NOI from 12 months forward, annualize it, divide it by the Cap Rate, and then deduct selling costs; otherwise, return zero.”)
  3. Flagging of any discrepant formulas across a row
  4. Identification of any omitted line items
  5. Suggestions of improvements to your model

Please contact us if you would like to get a price quote.

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